Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: April 2015


OCC Lip Tar in Nylon - Pink Shade lip gloss

I've had this Nylon lip tar for a little while. And I just recently fell in love with it. These can take some getting used to. For me the hardest part was that I did not like the way this one smells. I swear they must have changed the formula because the newer ones don't have the same scent. I had no problem with Technopagan in terms of the way it smell. You can see that post here.

Either way this is such a cute color and I'm glad I kept it around. My camera did this lip tar no justice. It's so much brighter in person and it will definitely demand some attention (which I don't mid lol).

I would describe it as a hot pink...I mean SUPER HOT! The pigmentation is amazing off course and the staying power is great as well. My eyes were really simple but with some sparkle to make the look a little more fun.

For a little under twenty bucks this OCC lip tar is worth every penny. The consistency and pigment is so awesome that you only need to use a little bit. It will last for a very long time! Nylon will most definitely be a staple for me this summer and I'm excited to finally be putting it to good use.

Can I also add that I'm loving my new protective hair style!!!! I'm using Marley Braiding Hair for this style and it's super easy and convenient. I looked at tons of ideas on youtube and pinterest and this seemed easy enough to try. It keeps my ends tucked and protected. I also love the fact that using Marley hair still allows me to look like I'm rocking my natural hair because of the texture :)



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MAC & Anastasia Haul

Woo hoo it's haul time!!! I think this will be my first haul here on the blog and I'm super excited for the new goodies I just picked up and I couldn't wait to share them with you! I got a couple of things from the MAC is Beauty collection as well as a couple of items from Anastasia Beverly Hills that I couldn't wait to bring home.

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New Lip Colors

Oh how I love lipsticks! I actually don't even know how many I own. And even though I don't wear many of them I still like to "collect" them. I do have my go to's though and these will definitely be one of them!

In order of appearance, we have Pink Pigeon, Flat Out Fabulous and Smoked Purple. I had been wanting Flat Out Fabulous for a very long time and I'm super excited to finally be adding it to my collection! This is such a beautiful color and it will be perfect for spring.

What I love about bright lipsticks is that they allow me to dress up an out fit and I don't have to wear as much makeup if I choose to do so. They just speak for themselves!

Both Pink Pigeon and Smoked Purple are matte lipsticks, while Flat Out Fabulous is a retro matte. The difference is that that retro matte lipsticks gives you even less "shine". I'm not a huge fan of the retro mattes but I do like this one. It doesn't dry out my lips like some of the others might.

I'm loving these, even the darker one will be making an appearance this spring/ summer!

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The Best Twist Out EVER!

I'm not a huge fan of twist outs, and the main reason is because the times I've tried it didn't turn out good at all! And I was just looking a hot mess! Now that I've been natural for a while I know that products used make a huge difference on how a style will turn out and this time around I think I had the perfect combination of products. 

The two products I used were Carol's Daughters Black Vanilla Leave In Conditioner (that's a really long name lol) and Kiehl's Strong Hold Styling Gel (for which I have a review here)

I simply parted my hair into sections, sprayed some water and added the above products and twisted my hair into two strand twists. I also added just a little bit more gel to the ends and I twirled it a little bit so my ends would have some type of definition. (and it looked something like this).

I didn't wear it down because my hair hair suffers from major shrinkage and if the style doesn't stretch my hair then I have to wear it up. Only because I don't like the way my hair looks if it's down but not in a style that's stretched. But as a puff it was GIVING ME LIFE HUNTY (lol)

Well there you have ladie sand gents. The best twist out your girl has ever experienced in her natural hair journey!


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Night Time Makeup: Sultry Smokey Eyes

Have you guys seen that GoGurt commercial where the mom has the "smokey eye"? If you haven't please go check it out on youtube cause it's HILARIOUS! Well I'm here today to hopefully help you so that you don't end up like that. 

Let's be honest, you really can't go wrong with a smokey eye. Though I understand it's not for everyone, you also have to follow certain steps in order to insure that you don't come out the house looking like a lady raccoon. And for this look I only used two colors, keeping it super simple!

This look is perfect for a girl's night out or a date with a special someone. Smokey eyes are a fun way to incorporate some fun into your whole look!
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Simple Natural Updo Hair Style

As a natural girl styling my natural hair can quite honestly be a pain in the ass. I have extremely thick hair and it's course in some part and some what coily in others. So the best way for me to style my hair is to stretch it. And I love to stretch my hair by braiding it. So for this style my hair had been stretched with braids.

And this is such a simple way of doing my hair. All I did was leave a portion of hair out in the front and I put the rest into a pony and pinned the pony to look like a bun. I then twisted the section that was left out and voilĂ !

I also used my favorite edge control product for this hair style which is Curl Passion Fruit Control Paste. This little paste is the TRUTH!!!! If you are natural you need to have this!

This is a low manipulation style and also protective because your hair is out of the way. 

If you are natural (or not) what is your go to hairstyle?

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Prom 2015 Makeup with Urban Decay's Electric Palette

So prom season is upon us! And with it lots of beautiful dresses and hopefully great makeup to go with it. I've really been inspired by colors lately, and with prom and the arrival of spring I felt the need to create something colorful!

Since using my Electric Palette on this post, I've wanted to create something more wearable. Because even though I love being creative with colors I would have to tone it down to wear it out somewhere, specially if I ventured out during the day.  So this is what I came up with. Still fun and colorful but a lot more wearable!

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Pretty Zombie Cosmetics - 3 Witches Liquid Lipstick

I'm super excited to share this new lipstick with you guys!!!! It from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics in the color 3 Witches, and it's fair to say that I'm in love. I got so many complements (and looks) today! It's a very bright purple and super matter. However it's not drying to the lips. The staying power is also pretty good. I ate lunch and had no problems and didn't have to touch up either.

This was an impulse buy for sure. That's why you shouldn't lurk on instagram late at night. You'll find things to spend money on lol. I saw so many beautiful pictures that I couldn't pass it on. I got it for $12 plus shipping which is not too bad. But let me tell you that shipping took forever!!!! That is really the only bad thing I have to say.

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Must Have Concealer: MAC Prolongwear

According to the MAC website the Pro Longwear concealer is a "lightweight liquid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable , natural matte finish". And from a consumer standpoint this concealer is exactly what it says it is!!!!

It is my absolute favorite concealer, and no other can compare. As mentioned above this is a liquid concealer however the consistency is not runny and which allows me to build up with it in order to achieve full coverage if I need it. 

So here are some pros and cons of this concealer:
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