Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: June 2015


mac le disko gold liquid eye liner

Ok I'm obsessed with today's look. I don't mean to toot my own horn but ummm my makeup was ON fleek! lol I wanted to go back to using more fun colors. Like I've mentioned before, when I started wearing makeup I used to do a lot of looks that involved a lot of colorful shades. Over the years my makeup style has changed (and for the better). However I think that there are a lot of ways that I can still incorporate fun colors into my look without compromising looking sophisticated and "clean".

So I went into my little eye shadow stash and decided to go with Chrome Yellow from MAC. I've had this eye shadow for a while but haven't had the chance to wear it. So today was the day. I love how pigmented it is. By paring Chrome Yellow with some different shades of brown and a little bit of black I was able to tone it down a little bit. Next time I wear it I'll probably use NYX Milk pencil as my base so that I can get a brighter pay off from this shadow.

If you hadn't heard MAC came out with Le Disko this past week, which featured some amazing sparkly eye shadows, glosses and liquid liners. The gold liquid eye liner I'm wearing is from the collection. It's basically a re-promote. They had these liquid liners permanently but have jut recently discontinued it. I had never worn them before and I'm really liking it.

Uumm this last picture reminds me of Drake's last album art. So I'll just leave his here,,,because I love him lol

If you would like to try out this gorgeous liquid liner then follow the link -->


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GRWT: Subtle Summer Cut Crease ft Whril Lipstick

whirl lipstick cut crease

I just love a good bronzed Goddess makeup look, especially in the summer I mean who doesn't?! So today I'm bringing you just that! I had a lot of fun creating this and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'm also wearing one of the new lipstick that I just got and it's none other that the much talked about Whirl lipstick from MAC which I did pair with Whirl lipliner.

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J. Cat Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain

j. cat liptitude pink lipstick liquid

If you didn't see it, I shared my Ipsy June bag here and in it there were some pretty cool products that I'm wearing today! One of my absolute favorites from this month's bag is the Liptitude Hydrating Stain from J. Cat Beauty. Not only is the color beautiful but it stays on amazingly! Ever since I opened the bag I wanted to put this lip stain to use. 

Like I mentioned on my unboxing post, this to me looks and feels more like a liquid lipstick than it would as a stain. My experience with lip stains is that they are usually pretty sheer and somewhat glossy but definitely not as pigmented as this one. 
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It's that time of the month again (and NO I'm not talking about THAT time of the month lol)...I'm talking about my Ipsy bag!!! My June bag has arrived and I am super exited to share with you what I got this time. I'm in love with every single item that came in this month!


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Natural Hair Chronicles: Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In Conditioner


Let me tell you. I was so excited when I saw that Target was carrying some of the Carol's Daughter hair products in travel size. They were only a few bucks and the perfect size for me to give them a try. As a natural I have heard some amazing things about this product line but to be honest I could never bring myself to pay the full price for them. Even when they go on sale they are still expensive.

So today I'm here to share my experience with the Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner from Carol's Daughter. To being with this conditioner smells amazing! I absolutely love the way my hair smells when I used it.

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MY #1 MUST Have Red Lipstick

Oh where do I begin?! A red lipstick is a MUST on EVERY woman's collection. Forget what you heard!!!! I think every woman, of every complexion needs to own one. And I'm here today to share with you my absolute favorite red lipstick. And that my friends is none other than the oh so popular Ruby Woo. 

I know for a FACT that you've heard about it, read it on a mag, or has seen at least one youtube video where someone was wearing it. I mean this lipstick is just gorgeous. And to top it off it's matte. It doesn't get better than that! This is probably one of MAC's most popular lipsticks. 

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Summer Fresh Makeup Tutorial


Yay it's June, which means summer is finally here (right?!) Being inspired by the blue skies and good vibes I created this super summery look! I added a pop of color by adding some blue eye liner to my water line and I'm in love with it! I kept the lips super neutral so it wouldn't clash with the eyes.

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