Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: March 2011

Natural Hair and the Corporate World: Is it a lost battle for the natural sisters?

So for the second time this semester I was the center of this argument in class. I go to an all women college and majority of the women are white, therefore they could not understand me when I expressed in class that I have to think of the consequences that my hair could have in my career and interviews. Everyone was chocked to think I am expected to look a certain way.

I don't know for other careers, but in the business world natural hair is not the norm. I concern myself with the thought of what am I going to do with my hair when I start interviewing. Should I wear a weave? Do I have to alter the texture of my hair in some way? Can I wear a puff? what about my fro???? I have so many questions!

Though nobody can really give me the correct answer I think it is important for me to do what makes me comfortable and to be completely honest, insinuating that my hair is anything apart from what it looks like at this moment in order to get a job is just not right in my book.

I don't see why I have to alter what God gave in order to make others feel more comfortable around me. I am in no way saying that will never wear weave or straighten my hair again, what I am saying is that I don't feel that I should do it for others. I love my hair, I love the texture and everything else about and I also feel very confident wearing my natural hair out, so why should it be different in my work place?!

What are your thoughts on this topic?
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