Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: May 2015


glitter and dots nails

Good weather is upon us and I felt inspired to do something fun with my nails. I went through my nail polish stash to see what I had to work with and found these pretty colors. I was very inspired by a friend who painted someone else's nails for prom. It was such a cute style that I just had to try it on myself! Plus you can never go wrong with a little glitter and embellishments on your nails. 

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The Perfect Smokey Eye and Lips for a Girl's Night Out


I swear this summer is looking like it's about to be extremely busy. Bachelorette parties, celebrations and birthdays. I mean I'm not complaining it's about to be a super fun summer. And with that I have to step up my makeup game because I have to make sure everything is point for all of the selfies I'm going to be taking lol

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Protective Style with U Part Wig


I'm always looking for a good way to get my hair out of the way! But I also try to make sure that the style is actually protecting my hair and not further damaging it. I have found that the best way for me to grow out my hair and keep it strong is to get it out of the way. But with this method you have to be adamant about taking care of your "hidden" hair. Caring for your hair underneath your protective style is still extremely import.

So being that I love to change my hair often I decided to make a u part wig to change it up a little bit. There are tons of tutorials on youtube on how to create one, so I won't even try to explain the process in words. That would be super boring and confusing! BUT what did help me tremendously was getting a holder for the wig head. I got mine from amazon and I will link it below. This little thing saved me sooooo much time! I got my wig done in a couple of hours instead of a whole day! I would HIGHLY recommend getting one if you are thinking of making yourself a wig.

The holder get attached to your table and it goes inside of the styrofoam  wig head. It will hold the head in place and you can move the head up and down and you are moving it around sewing in the hair.

The reason I chose to go with a u part instead of a sew in, is that I want my hair to grow. And even though there are a lot of people that can do a good sew in, it becomes a different story when the goal is to keep the hair healthy. There can be a lot of tension from the braids and the sewing of the hair which in turn can cause a lot of breakage. So I opted for this style because I know how much tension to apply to my braids and I don't have this sewn in. I'm securing it with combs and pins. Making it a safer style.



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Hello and welcome to today's post! I am so excited because today my giveaway is finally going LIVE! YES I'm having a little giveaway. I am so thankful for all of the support that I have receieved since getting back to blogging that I wanted to give thanks to everyone. I wish I could gift you all individually but you see that way my checking account is set up......well you get it.

So what will you get you ask?! Well I know everyone AND their mama loves MAC so I picked up a couple of my absolute favorite products.

I'll be giving away 1 Ruby Woo lipstick, 1 Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick, 1 All that Glitter eye shadow and 1 Embark eye shadow.

I hope you like it. To enter go ahead and follow the prompts bellow. This will be open for a total of two weeks. It is only open for US residents. I'm sorry for all of you out of the US, If this turns out to be successful I will do a world wide giveway later. Good luck to all of those entering. :)

This is my first giveaway but stay tuned because there will be more to come in the future!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Pretty In Pink: Brightening My Day With My Favorite Lipstick


If you read my blog at all, you'd know by now that I absolutely LOVE lipsticks. And for me the lips can make or break the look. And in return it can also brighten up my day. I could totally just rock a bright lip and nothing else and I would be just as happy!

Today I went into my lipstick stash (which is getting kind of ridiculous) and I grabbed one of my all time favorites. and that is Pleasure Bomb from the Riri Loves MAC collection (I can't believe that collection came out in 2013). I swear her collection was my favorite of ALL!!!

Let me add that MAC's newest foundation is giving me so much life right now! I am absolutely in love with the Pro Longwear Waterproof foundation (which is also a concealer). It has amazing coverage and it just looks amazing on the skin. I would especially recommend it to people who have a little bit of oily skin going on.

                                                                      Let's stay in touch!
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Celebrating Mother's Day Comfortably and In Style


I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” — Carrie Bradshaw 

This is my very first fashion post (does happy dance) I have been thinking about incorporating a little fashion into my blog for a while now. But there were so many things to take into consideration that kept me from doing, mainly finding someone to take the pictures for me AND how awkward it would be to pose in public.

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3 Simple Steps for Amazing Fresh Spring & Summer Makeup


Oh what a beautiful day we're having today! I love it when the sun is out and we can actually feel in on our skin. Living in MN I can't let the sun be a determinant of the weather outside. But today we're doing good lol
And on good days like this I'm a sucker for fresh looking makeup. Nothing looks better on women of color that golden shades. I love playing up my features with gold and browns. It allows me to look polished and made up but not overdone. And besides all of that it takes me no time to do my eyes when I keep it this simple.

Step 1. Use colors that will complement your skin tone. Colors that makes you look warmer. Using gold eye shadows to accent your eyes and a little brown on the crease can go a long way. Make sure to also wear a blush or bronzer that will keep this first step in sync with your look, My personal favorites are Ambering Rose and Format blushes from MAC. 

Step 2. Your skin can make or break your whole look. This season it's all about glowing skin. I don't mean oily, I'm talking about skin that can reflect the light a little bit. If you do have oily skin and needs to wear a matte foundation, you can add this glow by highlighting your cheekbones and the center of your forehead with a highlighting powder. One of my favorites is Naked Illuminated by Urban Decay. I have a post about it here.

Step 3. This is my most absolute favorite way to freshen my makeup looks, and it's by using fun lipstick colors!!! Don't be afraid to add some color to your lips. Once again having complementary colors will always be in your favor, but wear what makes you HAPPY and what makes you feel good. So that when you walk past a mirror you say to yourself, "Dang I look good today" .

I also found yet another orange lip and it was totally by accident. Now I have a TON of MAC lipsticks but I tried this one on (which is Sushi Kiss) and I must say it looked pretty good. It looks really bright on the tube, but not a bright that would look good on me, but I gave it a try and off course I fell in love with it. 

May I also add that I am absolutely loving my Anastasia Contour palette! It has made such a huge difference for my makeup. It adds a subtle amount of warmth to my face but if I want to go all Kim K with it I can (but I don't plan on it lol)

I'm loving this look for a walk around town on a sunny day :)


♥ MAC Paintpot Painterly 
♥ MAC X15 Warm Eye Shadow Palette 


♥ MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation
♥ MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring & Highlighting Palette 


♥ MAC Sushi Kiss lipstick


                                                                     Let's stay in touch!
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Quick Protective Style With Marley Braiding Hair

Let's be honest. Taking care of our natural hair sometimes is no walk in the part. For me it can be very frustrating a lot of times. My hair is super thick, it shrinks like crazy and the kinky texture can be hard to manage if I don't set my hair the night before (no wash and go for me). With all of that being said I still love being natural. So I'm always searching for quick and easy ways to style my natural tresses. 

Today I'm rocking a natural hair style using Marley hair! I'm so in love with this braiding hair. The texture is very similar to my hair when I have a braid out, so that allows me to blend my hair with the braiding hair in whatever way I'd like to. 

So while looking on Pinterest, I've found many hairstyles that used Marley hair, and I fell in love with all of them. This one is super duper quick. All I did was add a few pieces of the braiding hair with my side braids. This gave me a lot more length and it made my boring side braids a lot more fun. I also added a hat to complement the look and hide some of the frizzy hairs I had going on.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but my hair got a lot of heat damage from wearing weaves for a little while, and with the humidity in MN, I had to straighten my hair a lot more often that I would have liked. And with with sew ins come really tight braids which also aided in the process of some of my hair breaking. Now I'm on a kick to get my hair BACK! It was longer and healthier (the back of my head is just fine) But the very front needs a lot of TLC. It's not horrible, it just looks like bangs but I have a vision for my natural hair and I'm working to get back on track!

I love this style. I kept my hair nicely tucked away and it was super quick. I did this in ten minutes. No heat required and I get to moisturize my hair while at it, with a lot of ease.


                                                                    Let's stay in touch!

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Spring Lips with Anastasia Beverly Hills Neon Orange Gloss

anastasia beverly hills lip gloss

For starters I'm not a lip gloss person. Though I have a ton of them, my four year old daughter ends up taking them from me (and I'm usually ok with it). Even though I stick to lipsticks I just had to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Neon Orange Gloss! This gloss right here hunty, is on POINT! I love everything about it. From the color to the way it stays on my lips. Anastasia did her thing with her new lip products!

Usually long lasting lip glosses are really thick and goopy and I just hate that feeling. This gloss on the other hand does have a lot of pigment which makes it a little thicker than the average gloss but it's not sticky at all. It goes on really smooth and stays on extremely well for a gloss.

lips gloss from Anastasia Beverly Hills

I have been in LOVE with Anastasia's brow pomade and this gloss is now on my favorite list. I purchased it thinking it was one of the matte glosses/lipsticks she came out with, but it was a surprisingly good mistake. My next one will be for sure one of the mattes, so I can give it a try.

Neon Orange will just be so perfect this summer. It brightens my makeup look and it looks pretty amazing with my skin tone (if I do say so myself). When I think of spring and summer lip colors this is definitely what comes to mind.

If you are  not the type of person that plays with your lips when it comes to color I would suggest starting off with a lip gloss this one to add a pop pf color to your lips :)


                                                                     Let's stay in touch!
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