Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: March 2015

Plus Size Swimsuits: Swimwear ideas to help you feel good at the pool

Soon enough summer will be here (I hope) and for many of us plus size ladies comes the dreaded task of finding the perfect swimsuit. Luckily in the past couple of years our choices have increased greatly and for the better. We now have options, and good ones.

I recently went on  vacation to Vegas and I had a great time, but my favorite way to spend my time was sitting by the pool and soaking up some sun! I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about going out in public in my swimsuit, but I realized that my fear and insecurity had nothing to do with the way I felt about myself (cause I felt pretty damn good) but it had a lot more to do with what I thought OTHER people would think about me. But as it turns out their opinions really don't matter and I went to that pool and OWNED IT!!!! lol

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Fun Look Feat. Urban Decay Electric Palette

Ok it has been a very long time since I've done anything this colorful! But there's no going around with the Urban Decay Electric palette. There are so many endless possibilities with this palette and I can't wait to explore them. I had been wanting to get it for a very long time but just couldn't justify the price, but then that young tax return check comes in and you feel like everything is cheap enough lol
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Benefit Cosmetics New Roller Lash Mascara

I picked up Benefits newest mascara. The Roller Lash, which is supposed to enhance the curl of your lashes and make them look longer and fuller. The packaging is adorable but the price is pretty hefty. It retails for $24, and that's kind of crazy for a stupid mascara. I swear we pay for the packaging of the product more than we do for the quality of it.

This is not best mascara I've ever tried but it does it's job. Sometimes I don't want to look overdone and this mascara allows me to have length and volume while keeping a natural look.

The brush is curved and the bristles are supposed to lift and curl the lashes. This mascara does separate the lashes really well. I would say this is more of a defining mascara. It didn't give me a ton of volume or length, but my lashes had a nice curl and looked very natural. I had use a few coats to get the results I wanted. But overall I like the mascara. My lashes do look much longer compared to when I don't have anything on. 

What's your favorite mascara? 

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MAC Cinderella Collection for Spring 2015

I'm a little late with this post. But I figured I would share it with you anyways :) I feel like these collections really lose momentum after the first weekend that it comes out. But for goodness sake it's only been a few day, so I'm hoping you will still enjoy it.

Like many other makeup fanatics I had to get my hands on some of the stuff from the MAC Cinderella Collection. I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't very sure if this collection was going to work for my skin tone (with the exception of the eye pallet) but to my surprise everything looks awesome on!

First off I got the beauty powder. "Mystery Princess Beauty Powder" is described as a "pink beige with silver shimmer. I'm not using this as a beauty powder but as a highlight, which by the way shows up amazingly!!!!

For the lips I got "Free as a Butterfly" lipstick and "Happily Ever After" lipglass, and this is a pink tone lip gloss with a bluish pearl tint.

Last but not least I got the "Stroke of Midnight" palette.

I am seriously loving everything I got from this collection! I'll also do a look featuring all of these, to show how they look on my skin tone!

Did you get anything from this collection? What was your favorite product?

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Triangle Accent Nails

As I've mentioned before I'm trying to start getting into doing my nails more often, and not just doing nail polish but actually having fun with it. So this week I tried this cute style. All I did was cross two pieces of tape on my nails and paint them. Super simple but really cute!

In the spirit of spring coming soon (hopefully) I used soft colors. What I also love about this is that you can pair whatever colors you'd like.

The nails polishes I used were "Easy Going" by Sinful Colors which was the pinkish nude and for the green I used "Mint Sorbet" by Xtreme Wear from Sally Hansen


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Current Pre-Foundation Routine

As I'm getting older, I'm coming to realize the importance of taking care of my skin (omg did I really just say that?!) Well my skin care regimen is super simple compared to some people, but still better than most. I have always been a fan of using facial scrubs. One of my favorites is still the Volcanic Ash from MAC (which I have a separate post for here). But as of lately I have added a couple more products to my routine.

All I would do before my foundation was to MAYBE put some moisturizer on. But times have changed and so has my skin. So now it requires a little more effort and care to ensure that it looks good and stays looking good with and without makeup on.

Serum: I use my serum before everything else. I believe that by using it fist my skin will soak up all of the benefits of the serum and it will work better.

Moisturizer: I've been using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and it's ok. The consistency is not as thick as I like my moisturizer to be. It does its job but I think I can find a better moisturizer for my skin. For me is extremely important to moisturize because I exfoliate my skin often enough, and I tend to stick to matte foundation because I get oily throughout the day, and this can cause my skin to feel tight and overly dry sometimes.

Porefessional: I have seriously fallen in love with this product lately. It leaves my skin so smooth and flawless before I apply my foundation! And I talked about this product a little  more in depth here.

Strobe Liquid: I am currently using MAC's Strobe liquid in Golden Elixir. This is what I was mainly using to blur and smooth my skin before I tried the Porefessional. However I sometimes will use both. This color was limited edition, and if and when it comes back I will stock up on it!!!1 It gives my skin a golden glow. It helps to hydrate my skin while giving it a matte feel, helping so that my skin doesn't get super oily throughout the day. I really like this version of the strobe liquid because the original has a whitish/pinkish finish to it and it just doesn't look too good on my skin tone.


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