Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: 2012

A little goes a long way

I really wasn't feeling like wearing anything on my face today. But duty calls and I have to work so the look is super simple. I used Eternal Sun Pro Blush from MAC on both my lids and cheeks and made my crease a little darker with Embark. On my lips I have Rebel lipstick and Currant lip liner both from MAC and I really love this combination! For foundation I have my favorite foundation of all time Studio Sculpt in a combination of NW40 and NW43.
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Random selfie of the day. I couldn't do anything really cool with it so this is what became of the raw image.
We got snowed on pretty good yesterday here in MN. So with super cold weather and snow everywhere, it's only natural that I would spend sometime taking pictures of myself lol. Plus like I've said before I need to explore all that my camera can do. 
This is also a way for me to keep track of my weight loss journey. So far I can see a huge difference! Not only in the way I look but also on the way I feel. And that's what's more important to me. 

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Sultry Look with Dark Lips

Ok so I am totally loving this lipstick from Wet n' Wild which is called Cerry Bomb/918D. It's such a beautiful deep red, perfect for the cold season. I didn't want to do much with my eyes since I was going to wear such dark lips. I really like the way this turned out. 
On my eyes I'm wearing MAC Blanc Type on my lids and MAC Embark on the lid. To op it off I used liquid liner to create the winged line and some random lashes lol. 
I had to work so I was super pressed for time as usual so my hair was supposed to be a lazy attempt that turned out really cute. For the ease and cuteness of braids I love them.

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Natural Hair Styling

Ok so it's been a while since I've posted. I'm trying to be more consistent but life happens. And on top of it all Blogger was not allowing me to post pictures *sigh* so I had to buy more storage blah, blah, blah.
So here is a short little post on this look I did. I tried a bantu knot out on dry hair, and I love it. My hair was super soft and the curls were pretty defined.

My makeup was extremely simple, with just winged eyes and bold lips (pink nouveau and lady gaga lipglass)

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Share Your Style Party!

I am so excited for this post! I had the pleasure of taking part of the Share Your Style which was hosted by Vintage Wanna Bee and Agape Love Designs. The challenge was to team up with another blogger and to create a handmade hair accessory for her.

Share Your Style

My partner was Michele from Better Organized Living. She sent me a super cute black hairband with a turquoise flower. Turquoise is one my favorite colors! I absolutely loved my hairband. Not to mention the fact that it's awesome to receive pretties in the mail ^_^

Thank you so much Michele for taking the time to create and send me this hair accessory. 
I made her a headband which was wrapped in a cheetah print ribbon and adorned with some handmade flowers. Go check out how cute she looks with the one I sent her here

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Fitness: Let's Get Lean

Cardio is very important for those looking to lose weight. But along with cardio is also very important to make sure we are keeping our muscles tight and lean, and to achieve that we have to incorporate strength training. So I found these workouts and thought I'd share it with you ^_^

This is an awesome video to help us tone our arms! As we lose weight it's also important to tone so you don't get all flabby lmao! I'm serious, the last thing you want is to go through all of that hard work of losing weight and not being able to flaunt your hard work because you're not toned. 

I also to share this link to a tumblr. She has listed all o the videos for the Insanity workout videos, which can be viewed online for free!!!!! Just follow this link

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Let Your Beauty Shine

You Just can't go wrong with a simple look. I love this look because it took minimal time and it looks pretty good (if I do say so myself) Doing a cat eye is great because you have many option with your lips, but for today I chose to go with nude lips to keep everything down.

Sometimes you have to let your own beauty shine and a little eyeliner, blush and lipstick can do so much and yet it let's you just be you!

I'm really loving this wet n' wild lipstick, and you can also see me wearing it here. It's perfect with any look.

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Self Portraits

I see so many blogs with beautiful self portraits and I've always wanted to do them but I just haven't been able to recreate anything cool. I have a really good DSLR camera BUT I barely know how to use it. So I'm challenging myself to learn what my camera can do. 
I've also come to terms that I will need to learn how to use photoshop, and there's no way around that one. I will never get pictures to look beautiful and look "cool" without it. So here's my first try at it. I used photoshop and couldn't tell you how I achieved this because I was just playing around with it. 

So what do you think of these pictures???

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Natural Hair Protective Style

As a natural girl I try to take good care of my hair as much as possible. I don't do as much as I could and I'm also not as obsessed with my natural hair as some other natural girls are. I have a VERY low maintenance regime. But living in MN means that at this time of the year it's very important for me to take care of my hair due to the extreme cold weather.
The ends of our hair is the most fragile and when exposed it becomes easier for it to break off, so my go to protective style is a bun! This allows me to keep my ends tucked in and it helps my hair retain its moisture. 
I have been thinking of braiding my hair, but I'm scared of the tension it would put on my edges (I'm so scared of losing my edges!!!)
It's important to note that you should not do your bun very tight. To achieve this style I used one of those hair tights and secured it with bobby pin. I then started to roll and tuck my ends under and secured each rolled section with bobbi pins. 

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Silent Treatment

Hello lovelies, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Well I'm excited for halloween today. This is my daughter's second time trick or treating and I think she will have a lot more fun this time around! Ok now today I am bringing you another Wet N' Wild look (there's a sale on the palettes). I'm seriously loving these little palettes!  Like I said on my previous post they are super pigmented and you don't need to do much to get the color to show. I was a little skeptical of the highlight color at first, but once I actually applied it the color went on great and it was the perfect highlighting color, I will definitely be using it often.

As the title says the name of this palette is "Silent Treatment" and I would assume they gave it this name because of the subtle colors. 

Today I attempted to do ombre lips, it's not super noticeable but I really like them. I need to use colors that are very opposite to each other in terms of darkness. Maybe I'll get it right next time. 

My lips and cheeks were created using MAC products:

- MAC Magenta Lip Liner
- MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
- MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam Lipglass


- Loreal True Color Match
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer 
- MAC Melba Blush

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It's a Wet N' Wild Kind of Day

 In today's post I bring you a look created using Wet N' Wild's palette Blue Had Me At Hello. It has some beautiful colors, mostly blues, black and grey. I love this palette. The colors are so pigmented and VIBRANT! Wet N' Wild has definetely stepped up their game when it comes to the quality of their products. Now we can create beautiful looks for a littler over $5. There are other pallets as well and they are  just as gorgeous!

The only colors I used in this look that were not from the pallet were MAC Rice Paper and a bronzer to help me blend my crease. On the lips I am wearing Wet N' Wild matte lipstick in 902C. The blush I'm wearing is MAC Breezy.

So what do you think of this look? I actually really like. I've been wearing such boring makeup lately, that this has sparked me to do more of them this week :)

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Subtly Made Up

Hello ladies, this post is one again o a super neutral look. I've moved recently and basically all of my makeup is in storage and all I have are a few things, so I don't have many colors to work with. Also getting ready or work in the morning and going to the gym makes doing more elaborate looks harder so I've stayed away from them for a while. But fear not because is about to change.

In the mean time here is cute simple look that is very versatile and can be worn basically anywhere, during the day or night!

What I really like about this look is that it can be achieved fast and you can still look great! Having to get my daughter and myself ready in the morning can be a hassle sometimes so I need something pretty easy, and this is basically my go-to makeup look when I don't have much time.

What is your go-to makeup look?

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Neutral Fall FOTD

Hello lovelies,

I just wanted to share a look I did this week using some very natural eye colors but with bolder lips. I'm one
for always wanting to wear colored shadows but I'm trying to challenge myself and use more neutrals, specially now that I work in an office setting.

Well On my eyes I used:

MAC painterly paintpot
MAC blanc type
MAC embark
MAC rice paper
Ardel Wispies lashes (doubled)
Avon black liner

On my face I have:

MAC studio sculpt NW43
MAC bronzer
MAC melba (blush)


MAC pink nouveau

So I tried to keep it simple. What do you think?

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Pretty in Pink

Well this is a pretty random post. I just found these pics i my camera that I had forgotten to post. I was off to work and decided to take some pics. The brown on my eyes is a random MAC pigment that my friend gave me a sample of but no name. On the lips I have Pink Nouveau with a lit bit of Gaga Glam on top.

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Natural Hair Care: Twist-Out

Yesterday I decided to attempt a twist out. This time I used a very small amount of products. I divided my hair into sections and the smaller sections that I made into the twist outs I put a little bit of water and a dime sized amount of Organic Root's Olive Oil Moisturizer and Shea Moisture Curls & Hold Smoothie and this is the result.

I am very pleased with how it came out. I'm going to wear them for this week. I'm planning on going this weekend so I'll take them down and wear a fro of some sort lol.I'll definitely have a post of how it turns out.

But it seems that the secret to a perfect twist out is to not have too much product and also to not saturate the hair with water, that way the hair can dry completely {if you are not using a drier} and since I always air dry this is a must!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll make an investment and get a hooded drier. I think it will make my life as a natural hair lady a lot easier. I also want to try the CurlFormers. All of the results that I have seen a great on natural hair.

Until then my lovely people, I'll just rock my air dried twist-out ^_^

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Ruby Woo Lips

This week I had to stop by at M.A.C. to finalize some papers and I couldn't go there bare face lol so I put this look together. I am wearing Golden Rod e/s and honestly I bought it by mistake on a trip in Vegas, I wanted to get Chrome Yellow e/s and grabbed this one by mistake and when I finally noticed it was too late. So to say the least I was a little bitter and hadn't really given this e/s a try until now.
On the lips is my FAVORITE red lipstick in the whole wide world {I still need to do a review on it} Ruby Woo by M.A.C. This time I added a little gloss on top of it. I was  a red gloss from NYC {a cheap brand}
So what do you think of this look? 

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