Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: 2011

Nail of the week: L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer Hardener

I just wanted to share my nails for today. This nail polish is from L.A. Colors. This is one of my favorite colors. I always find myself wearing pink nail polish, I really need to branch out. I really like this nail polish. Like with any other polish you will need to use Top Coat otherwise it will not last long.
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Glitterfied Wedges

Hello lovelies, I just wanted to stop by and share my latest purchase. These super cute gold glitter wedges and super cute and LONG earrings. I got them from DEB, while at the mall with my mom and daughter : )
What do you think of them?

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Bold Lips Neutral Eyes: The Latest Lips Trend

This season I think a must would be to try at least once the bold lips trend. I think that when it comes to adding boldly beautiful colors to our lips, many girls shy away. There is nothing wrong it! I know that for myself I have always usually forgotten to put anything on my lips or just didn't want to draw any attention to them.

However I have been really trying to use many different colors. I love having a neutral makeup look and let the lips do the talking! So today I bring to you my FOTD. With a very neutral and awesome dark red lips. This color reminds me of vampires, maybe because the old school vampire movies they make them look dark and weird in a way.

Anyways, have tried tried this trend yet?

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Hello ladies and gents! I have entered a makeup contest and have made to the top 10 finalists!
Now is the voting portion and my success depends on votes from you. So here I am asking for your help to win this one. All you have to do is go to the link bellow and vote for me. This is the picture that I entered for the contest:

Thank you so much in advance!

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Nail Polish Collection (tag)

he rules are very simple:
1. Answer the 10 questions.
2. Pass this tag to 5 other bloggers.
3. Make sure the bloggers that you tagged, knows that you tagged them, by sending them a comment on their blog.
Here are the questions:
  1. How many nail polishes do you have (post a picture if possible? 
    I have around 25 nail polishes
  2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish? 
    I don't have a favorite brand of nail polish. As long as the polish is affordable and it looks cute I buy it!
  3. Do you like crackle polish, or do you hate it? 
    I have never purchased it, but from trying it at the store I was not impressed.
  4. What is your first nail polish brand? 
    I have no idea!
  5. If you're going to have a nail polish line, what are you gonna name it?
    Nail Fun
  6. What nail polish color does not compliment you? 
    I don't think there is one, but I do prefer brighter and happy colors.
  7. And what color does compliment you?
    Bright colors
  8. Name two of your best nail art friends? 
    I unfortunately don't have any : (
  9. What was the best nail polish gift you have ever received? I haven't gotten any nail polish gifts
  10. Make a speech about thanking the blogger who gave you this tag: I really enjoy her blog. It is super cute and always interesting to read : ) I always make sure to check out her latest blog. You can check out her super cute blog HERE.
I tag these following ladies: (I'm sorry in advance if you have already been tagged, or have done the tag)

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Elle Jewels 20% Off Sale

So I have been working on a jewelry line for a while. This past week I have spent a lot of time learning and using Adobe Illustrator to create a custom logo design. This was no easy task. It took hours of research, making mistakes and learning along the way.

So to celebrate me finally being able to create a BEAUTIFUL design for Elle Jewels I want to extend 20% your purchase. Enter CODE: BLOGGER2012. Offer valid until Friday 12/16

This is a great time to get something for your self or a loved one! Also just check out my webpage and let me know what you think. I LOVE feedback! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY LOGO?????

VISIT WWW.ELLEJEWELS.COM for great handmade jewelry and accessories!
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Wet N' Wild Lipstick: Just Garnet (552A)

I am so in love with this lipstick. I got it a couple of weeks ago and can't stop wearing it. It's a deep red and it goes on so smoothly. I have been seen a trend lately of red lips, but not necessarily bright red, more like a plum color. So while searching for the perfect color at my local drugstore I found this one. Beautiful and affordable!

Red lips can be a bit of a stretch for some people. I know that I wasn't one to wear red lips until I discovered my FAVORITE red lipstick from M.A.C. which is Ruby Woo.  Would you wear red lips? What's YOUR favorite red lipstick?
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L'Oreal True Match Foundation

After trying many different types of foundations, I would have to say that hands down this is THE best foundation for me! I just love how smooth my skin gets when I use it. Since giving birth a year ago my skin has been acting up and I have some spots still left over from the acne I got while pregnant. With L'Oreal's True Match Foundation I am able to cover those dark spots pretty well before even applying any concealer! It has a beautiful finish and it blends perfectly!!! Now what is YOUR go-to foundation and why? 

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e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush

So I am coming to you today to talk a little bit about this amazing little brush I found from e.l.f. It is called the Studio Powder Brush and this brush is retailed at $3.00 dollars and it was worth every penny. You know how some people say you get what you pay for?! Well ladies e.l.f  has made it possible for us divas on a budget to be able to get good quality makeup and tools for reasonable prices.  

This brush is intended for powder but I took the liberty to use it for my liquid foundation and it's AMAZING! This brush is so smooth! I get the most beautiful finish when I use this brush during my foundation routine. It almost works as a kabuki brush by evenly distributing the foundation and giving me a beautiful air brushed effect.

I definitely recommend this brush, as it can be used as a powder brush, foundation brush as well as a blush brush. The possibilities as endless and yo will get great results!

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My first Award

I am so excited to tell you that I have received my first award today! I want to thank Yoli from for nominating me. She has a super cute and fun blog. You should go check her out!

7 facts about me

1.I was born in Brazil and my first language is Portuguese

2. I have a one year old daughter named Gabrielle

3. I just recently got engaged

4. I want to start doing makeup professionally in the near future

5. I graduated from college this past May with a Bachelor's degree in International Business  

6.I love cartoons 

7.With the exception of my mother and brother all of my family still live in Brazil


1. You have to thank the person that gave you the award and a link back to their blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself.

3. Send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate and then let them know that they have been given the award.

I pass this award on to (or whoever wants it,)
& ignore if you dont want the award

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Protective Style: Box Braids

So I am totally in love with the new natural hair style: Box Braids! It has become very popular lately due to singer and whatever else Solange Knowles. Though popular lately, this style has been around for years. I will be attempting to do this style tonight. I not a braider so I've been on youtube looking at tutorials, so hopefully it will come out looking as good these ladies do! What is your favorite protective style?

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Sigma's The Cities Collection

Brace yourselves ladies, because Sigma is coming out with a new line of brushes. This collection will be called The Cities and this is Sigma Beauty’s special edition travel kit collection! The kits feature seven travel-sized brushes from their best selling Essential and Premium Kits (E05 Eyeliner, E35 Tapered Blending, E45 Small Tapered Blending, E60 Large Shader, F05 Small Contour, F15 Duo Fibre, and F30 Large Powder). 

The brushes are held in a super cute travel-size container that turns into two brush holders to keep the brushes organized. This is a huge plus it allows for us to keep our brushes organized while traveling and ready to be used! 

This collection contains four kits which are named after four different cities: London (brown), Tokyo (pink), Paris (red) and New York (black).

I am super excited for this line as I am looking to expand my brush collection. These would also make great gifts for this holiday season. 

Sigma will be launching The Cities Collection on November 21, 2011, so be sure to stop by their  
website and check it out. I'll leave the link bellow. Have a great day my loves.
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Favorite Beauty Product of The Month!

So I wanted to present to you today my favorite product of the month. Ok this wasn't purchased this month but it has become my go-to lipstick. Any look that I have created this color has gone well with it. I know that Nikki Minaj brought on the whole pink lips thing back, but let me tell you now...I totally understand her love for it. This lipstick looks so beautiful with my skin color. During the summer I am a NW45 (MAC color) and I would say I am a shade or two lighter now, and this color is a great accent. This particular lipstick can be very drying to the lips if not used with caution. I usually put on some lip balm before applying it and when on I like to add a dab of Viva Glam I Lady Gaga lip glass. I definitely recommend this lipstick to EVERYBODY. 
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So he popped the question..FINALLY!!!! lol After 4 wonderful years together and a beautiful baby girl later, my boyfriend (now fiance) has asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I think that like many other girls I have been waiting for this all of my life. Don't we all want to find our Prince Charming? Well I believe I have found mine.

Now comes the hard part. Planning the wedding. We want to do it next summer. I have always been a d.i.y type of gal and it would be no different when it comes to my wedding, but this is proving to be a very difficult task. I had no idea of where to even begin. So my mom and I went to Barn's & Noble and I got a wedding planner binder, which so far has been a huge help in helping me start this process. So here is the color scheme I have chosen:

Isn't it beautiful????? I just love this color combination. It is not a very usual one but it's just me. It embodies happiness and summer in my opinion. I just loved this bouquet as well : )

So right now I am gathering ideas for how I want to do my invitations and all other stationary (which I will be designing myself with the help pf photoshop). And I am also starting to look for venues and possible ceremonial sites. This is A LOT OF WORK!!!! If we could afford I would hire a wedding planner but I got this.

So I will try to update you all on this journey that I will be embarking on. There will be lots of d.i.y happening for this wedding and I will post them as they get finished.


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First Outfit Of The Day

Hi everybody, since following some ladies on the latest fashion I noticed that blazers are going to be big this season. I had been wanting to get one for a long time, so this past weekend I went to a thrift store (what better place to find great blazers at the lowest price?) and found this great blazer. I love the color and the length is also perfect for me. It goes great with anything. This outfit was more on the casual side but I can also see myself paring this blazer with a really cute dress and heels...Well I'll definitely have a post for that outfit whenever it happens : )

Basically my whole outfit is from Dots, except the blazer which was thrifted and the necklace which was also from a thrift store. Oh and I have fallen in love with M.A.C lipsticks this one is Pink Nouveau : )
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Natural Hair and the Corporate World: Is it a lost battle for the natural sisters?

So for the second time this semester I was the center of this argument in class. I go to an all women college and majority of the women are white, therefore they could not understand me when I expressed in class that I have to think of the consequences that my hair could have in my career and interviews. Everyone was chocked to think I am expected to look a certain way.

I don't know for other careers, but in the business world natural hair is not the norm. I concern myself with the thought of what am I going to do with my hair when I start interviewing. Should I wear a weave? Do I have to alter the texture of my hair in some way? Can I wear a puff? what about my fro???? I have so many questions!

Though nobody can really give me the correct answer I think it is important for me to do what makes me comfortable and to be completely honest, insinuating that my hair is anything apart from what it looks like at this moment in order to get a job is just not right in my book.

I don't see why I have to alter what God gave in order to make others feel more comfortable around me. I am in no way saying that will never wear weave or straighten my hair again, what I am saying is that I don't feel that I should do it for others. I love my hair, I love the texture and everything else about and I also feel very confident wearing my natural hair out, so why should it be different in my work place?!

What are your thoughts on this topic?
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Tips on How to Achieve Beautiful Lips to Wear Lipstick

I stumbled upon this article on Glamour Magazine's web site on how to achieve that perfect lip when wearing lipstick. I am a prime example of a person that should not wear lipsticks...I tend to stick to lipglosses and etc. because my lips get so chapped (MN weather can be a bitch on the lips) But with these tips I can now rock my lipsticks again:

  • Rub on a layer of moisturizing balm and use an eyebrow brush to gently slough off dry skin.

  • Add concealer to the outer corners of your mouth before applying lipstick, “This is a spot where color tends to bleed,” she says.

  • Make ‘em kiss-proof by filling in lips with liner. Then apply lipstick, blot, and add another layer of color. For more staying power, cover with a thin layer of tissue and dust translucent powder on top.

  • Get perfect edges using a lip brush. Start at the outer corners on both top and bottom and work your way into the center using one fluid motion.

  • Erase mistakes by tracing along the outside of the lip line with a small, stiff brush dipped in foundation.

  • To fake a fuller pout, add a dot of silver or gold shadow above the middle of your lips and stick to glossier textures.

  • Don’t overload on color everywhere—if you’re wearing a vibrant shade all you need is mascara, she adds.

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    Deep Conditioning My Natural Hair

    Africa's Best Organincs Mayo 15 oz. Jar (Treatment)Africa's Best Organincs Mayo 15 oz. Jar (Treatment)

    I have used this product on my permed hair and I am continuing to use it on my natural hair as a deep conditioner. I just love the way this product leaves my hair. My hair gets really soft and it also helps define my hair pattern!

    When I do my deep conditionig I use an electric heating cap for one hour alond with the conditioner. The cap I have came from Brazil but a similar one can also be found on amazon. I like this heating cap because it allows me to move around intead of sitting under something without being able to do much. With the proper extention cord the possibilites are endless lol.
    Here is the one on Amazon:
    Thermal Spa Electric Heat CapThermal Spa Electric Heat Cap

    I like to do a deep conditioning at least once a week to give my hair a boost and make sure that it is getting the nutrients it needs. Bottom line I would recommend this product to anyone! I love it : )
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