Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: 2010

Holiday Look


Glitzy Stick from Sally's
N.Y.C. cover stick
M.A.C. Atlantic Blue
M.A.C. Lucky Green
M.A.C. Star N' Rockets
Maybeline EyeStudio gel liner
Maybeleine The Falsies Mascara
False Lashes unknown

L'oreal True Match liquid foundation
M.A.C. concealer
Maybeline Pure Blush in Pure Spice
Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner midnight blue

NK Lip Pencil in Pink Sachet
M.A.C. Viva Glam Gaga lipstick
M.A.C. Viva Glam Gaga lipglass

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M.A.C. for X-MAS

So my loving boyfriend decided to get me an early x-mas gift...and since he knows me so well he went to M.A.C. and got me a few things all of which I am in love with...Here are some pics of the lovely products he got me!

Lucky Green and Stars N' Rockets are both sheer while the Atlantic Blue is a matte color meaning there is no shimmer to it. The lipglass and lipstick are also both very beautiful. I have been wanting a pink color lipstick for a while and these are just what I was looking for!

Here are some pics of my latest look using these colors:

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I'm Natural: Now What?

So being natural is not as easy as I thought it would be! There is a lot of maintenance that goes with it. I plan to take good care of my hair this time around, and with that being said I need cute hair styles to keep me motivated. I have been looking online for the cuttest styles for natural sistas like me but it's hard to find since the media does not give much emphasis on how beautiful being natural is...soooo these were hard to find BUT not impossible.

BEHOLD the styles I will be attempting through my natural journey:

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New Year New Me

So here it is...the end of 2010! I have no new year
resolution because as we all know it those are never followed anyways. I am however entering the new year with a new achievement...yes I am finally natural!!!! I have not seen mt REAL hair since God knows when but it's finally back. It has been a long time coming and had not been for my pregnancy I couldn't say if my hair would be in this state.

Since I could not perm or use any chemical in my hair, I decided to just let to go back to its natural self. I had already been 10 weeks post (I hadn't relaxed for 10 weeks when I found out I was prego) plus the 9 months of my pregnancy, that makes it about a year of new growth. I finally decided to cut off all of the left over permed ends a couple of weeks ago and I could not be happier with my decision : )

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Hello I'm Giselle. I love makeup and everything related to beauty.
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