Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: May 2012

Natural Hair Care: Twist-Out

Yesterday I decided to attempt a twist out. This time I used a very small amount of products. I divided my hair into sections and the smaller sections that I made into the twist outs I put a little bit of water and a dime sized amount of Organic Root's Olive Oil Moisturizer and Shea Moisture Curls & Hold Smoothie and this is the result.

I am very pleased with how it came out. I'm going to wear them for this week. I'm planning on going this weekend so I'll take them down and wear a fro of some sort lol.I'll definitely have a post of how it turns out.

But it seems that the secret to a perfect twist out is to not have too much product and also to not saturate the hair with water, that way the hair can dry completely {if you are not using a drier} and since I always air dry this is a must!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll make an investment and get a hooded drier. I think it will make my life as a natural hair lady a lot easier. I also want to try the CurlFormers. All of the results that I have seen a great on natural hair.

Until then my lovely people, I'll just rock my air dried twist-out ^_^

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