Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: January 2012

Natural Hair Inspiration

So every now and than I need a little inspiration for help with styling my hair or to keep on going on this natural hair journey (which by the way can be very difficult sometimes). So with the help of my good friend google I found some beautiful ladies with beautiful to cheer me up. You can click on the pictures to follow their links.

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Rihanna Inspired Hair!

So I wanted to come and share with you the hair style I had today. I have been wanting to do this style for a while but my hair was in its natural state and it made difficult to have this particular style done. Since I got my hair done and straightened I decided that I would try it! Here is what I got:

What do you think of this style? Do you have a favorite celebrity style you've been wanting to try?

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MAC Dazzlespheres Collection for Holiday 2011 REVIEW!

Dazzlesphere! Smoky Blue Crushed Metallic Pigment Kit (Limited Edition)

White as Snow Snowy white

Silver Sleet Medium grey

Wintersky Purple blue

Dark Moon Charcoal

 In this first look I am wearing Silver Sleet with a little bit of the Dark Moon on the outer corner. On the lips I am wearing MAC's Ruby Woo (my fav red lipstick in the WORLD)

In this look I am wearing Dark Moon over a black creamy jumbo pencil from Wet N' Wild. On the lips I have a neutral lipstick which I do not remember the brand.

In this look I am also wearing Dark moon and on the lips I have Wet N' Wild Just Garnet (552A)

I tried to take pictures of swatches but it wasn't working out so no pics sorry ladies. BUT here is what I think of these lovely pigments:

Absolutely high pigmented (duh they ARE pigments) Let me explain. They glide on so smoothly and effortlessly! They are also super shimmery so if you are trying to go for a more subtle look these are for you. I have to admit that the black one was the hardest one for me to work with. I have to absolutely wear it with a creamy base like the pencil I used and pat it on top of that to get it to work for me. 
I have used the purple and it is just as gorgeous as the these two that I have tried and I'm sure the white one will be the same. 
Sadly these are limited edition so you won't be able to find them at the stores anymore but I am very glad that my fiance surprised with these for xmas! 

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Happy New Year

 Hello everybody. I have been trying to post on my phone for the past couple of days but it hasn't worked and my internet wasn't here I am for the third time trying to post this lol. Well I really just wanted to wish everybody a very happy new year. I have a few resolutions that I think are very realistic and that I really want to achieve so this is going to be the year for me. I hope you are also able to achieve your resolutions (if you have made any). Firstly I would like to take my jewelry to the next level and really get my name out there. Starting a real business is not easy but it sure is worth it. Like every body and their mama I would like to lose some weight lol. But instead of making it about just the weight I want to live a healthier lifestyle, for myself and my daughter cause I have to set an example for her : )

Tomorrow I will try to post about one of my xmas gifts which was a set of four loose pigments from MAC. I am so in love with them so I really want to do a review. I hope you have an awesome day : )

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