Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: March 2012

Bright eyes

For today I finally chose to use some colors on my makeup. I used L'Oreal Hip Matte Duo Eye Shadow in "Striking", which is a yellow and a dark brown. I love the color combination!!! I used some random lashes and added liquid liner on top and a dark eyeliner on my water line to add more drama to the look.
It was such a beautiful sunny day today, so I decide to go outside to take these pictures and I think they came out super awesome!!! There's nothing like natural lighting!

OH and on my lips I'm wearing one of the lipsticks that I got from Walgreens yesterday and I talked about it here. This one is in the "Kate" line and is the number 14. 

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FOTD: Featuring Rimmel's Lipstick and Wet N' Wild Blush

So today I went to Walgreens to see if I could find any good deals on makeup. Long and behold all of the Rimmel's lipsticks were $2.99 so I got a bunch of them (I'll have a separate post for them) and nail polish as well. I really wanted a new blush so I picked up a blush from Wet N' Wild called "Heather Silk", which is a really pretty pink color. The lipstick I'm wearing is from Rimmel and is called "Dizzy" and I love it! It goes on very smooth and is super hydrating. 
On my eyes I am using a combination of random colors from my 120 pallet from Coastal Scents, and some false lashes (I can't live without them).
So I have a question. I used to do tutorials on youtube but have not done them in a while. Would you be interested in seeing how I achieve my looks? If so let me now in a comment bellow and I will make a video in the near future. Also check out my website You might just find something pretty for yourself.

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Pretty Brown Eyes: Using a palette from Brazil!!

My grandma who lives in Brazil, sent me this makeup palette from T&G (if I'm not mistaken this is a company based in the US) but it's not popular here! I was expecting it to not be of very good quality, since I never knew of good quality makeup coming from my homeland lol. Well I am happy to say I was sadly mistaken. I AM IN LOVE with this palette. It includes eye shadows, blush, and powder foundation. It goes on very smoothly and it lasted all day!
I have only used it once but I will make sure to use all of the colors, because the combination of them is beautiful. So today I am bringing you this look using brown and copper. I really reminded me of something that I could possibly create using the Naked palette from Urban Decay, (maybe that's why I loved it so much)

What do you think? 

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Simple Look

So it seems that lately I have been wearing a lot natural colors. I think this has to do primarily with the fact that I don't have as much time as I used to have to do my makeup the way I used to. Having a toddler running around and hiding my makeup is definitely not fun, specially while in the middle of the application process! BUT this week one of my goals is to create a super fun look to share with you all. I used to love creating rainbow looks and I think my blending skills really improved from doing so many of those. For now all I have to offer is this lol. Simple and yet sophisticated! 
When creating smokey eyes for the day time I almost always use different shades of brown as to not look like I;m about to go to the club lol. When I want something more dramatic I play around with more black, but I add it gradually, because I don't want to look like a raccoon or like I just got punched lol. So ok, here I am using a pallet from Sonja Kashuk (I hope I spelled it right), a little bit of blush and Bobbi Brown's liquid foundation. The earrings are from Elle Jewels.

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Simple natural smokey eyes

Today I used my Coastal Scents pallet to create this look. It was a simple look but I really like the way it turned out. I have really been into browns and smokey eyes lately. I can wear basically wear this look anywhere, and if I wanted to spice it up I could add more brown to the crease to intensify the look. I am wearing Bobbi Brown on my face. I really like this foundation, it feels so light and my skin can breath through it! The necklace is from Elle Jewels. I absolutely LOVE this orange. I think it looks great on and it reminds me of summer time, which I can;t wait for because I am super tired of this Minnesota weather. So what do you think of the look?

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Old Hollywood Glamour

Yesterday I colored my hair red, even though it is not as visible as I would like it to be, it is definitely lighter than before. So I did a bantu knot out to get this result with my hair and decided to wear my favorite red lipstick of all time ruby woo! With the heavy eyeliner and luscious lashes, this look reminded of old Hollywood (as goes the title of this post). I was really feeling myself lol!

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