Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Hello lovelies,

Today I wanted to stop by and share a little bit of what has been going on with me lately. So just as everybody else one of resolutions was to become healthier this year. I'm really getting tired of being unfit and unhealthy (which I believe the two are correlated even though some might not agree). I was lucky enough to receive a 30 day pass to Life Time Fitness and let me tell you it is a great club (the location I go to at least).

I hope I can continue this journey with more success than failure. Nothing that is worth while is easy to attain so I am not getting into it with the belief that I will achieve my goals in a couple of months. I think that this blog will be a good way to keep me motivated by logging in my progress and having friends help me along the way that way I will not only have myself to hold me accountable for cheating and eating some delicious chocolate cake lol.

So with that being said I plan to being over here some of the workouts that I try along with some healthy snacks and meals. We will see how this goes.
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  1. Good luck hun!! Please share any recipee , work outs or other inspos.. I love reading about those things.. xx stay motivated!

  2. Awww thank you!!!! I do need to stay's so easy to just go back to my old ways. And I will try my best to do more post about it here : )


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