Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: My Hair Journey: From Permed to natural

My Hair Journey: From Permed to natural

My healthy hair journey began a couple of years ago. Due to me trying to lighten up my hair color I severely damaged my hair. I have always been fortunate to be able to keep my length but this time my hair was extremely dry and with no life at all. I figured if I got some micro braids my hair would come back to its normal estate when I took the braids out...but I was very wrong. With the braids in I didn't take the time to take care of my real hair and the damage became worse.

After removing the micros I decided to go on a healthy hair journey after coming across a hair care forum called Hairlista. I cut my hair very short and began from there. A year after the cut I had gotten my hair to be at its healthiest. It was shining with life! I was almost reaching shoulder length when I found out that I was pregnant and from then on I did not perm my hair for the safety of my baby.

Though my pregnancy I had to learn how to deal with my new growth, and as my new growth grew longer, I began to really like my natural hair texture. I also began to think about going completely natural. Not only because I wanted to see what my hair really looked like but I wanted my daughter to have someone in her life with natural hair since I don't plan on ever perming her's I think it would be unfair to walk around with my hair permed. Not only that but I want her to see her beauty for what it is and not for what other want it to be
(if that makes any sense)!

I have had some type of chemical on my hair for as long as I can remember, and growing up natural kinky hair was NOT accepted at all. Every girl I knew had their hair permed unless they had non-kinky curly hair, otherwise there would be constant let downs and being made fun of for having "nappy" hair.

Anyways...I was due for a perm when I found out about my pregnancy, so with that time plus the nine months I had transitioned for a whole year. At which time I finally did the big chop...I got tired of the stringy ends I had left over from my permed days and decided it was time to let go.

My natural hair was so much fuller and so thick!!!!!! I loved it : )

I am now figuring out how to deal with all of this thickness (IT'S A VERY THICK!!!) So far I have pretty much worn my hair in big puffs. I have been doing some research on natural hair styles and I look forward to trying them and sharing them with you soon in the future.

Here is a video of my journey with pictures included : )

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