Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Deep Conditioning My Natural Hair

Deep Conditioning My Natural Hair

Africa's Best Organincs Mayo 15 oz. Jar (Treatment)Africa's Best Organincs Mayo 15 oz. Jar (Treatment)

I have used this product on my permed hair and I am continuing to use it on my natural hair as a deep conditioner. I just love the way this product leaves my hair. My hair gets really soft and it also helps define my hair pattern!

When I do my deep conditionig I use an electric heating cap for one hour alond with the conditioner. The cap I have came from Brazil but a similar one can also be found on amazon. I like this heating cap because it allows me to move around intead of sitting under something without being able to do much. With the proper extention cord the possibilites are endless lol.
Here is the one on Amazon:
Thermal Spa Electric Heat CapThermal Spa Electric Heat Cap

I like to do a deep conditioning at least once a week to give my hair a boost and make sure that it is getting the nutrients it needs. Bottom line I would recommend this product to anyone! I love it : )
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