Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Tips on How to Achieve Beautiful Lips to Wear Lipstick

Tips on How to Achieve Beautiful Lips to Wear Lipstick

I stumbled upon this article on Glamour Magazine's web site on how to achieve that perfect lip when wearing lipstick. I am a prime example of a person that should not wear lipsticks...I tend to stick to lipglosses and etc. because my lips get so chapped (MN weather can be a bitch on the lips) But with these tips I can now rock my lipsticks again:

  • Rub on a layer of moisturizing balm and use an eyebrow brush to gently slough off dry skin.

  • Add concealer to the outer corners of your mouth before applying lipstick, “This is a spot where color tends to bleed,” she says.

  • Make ‘em kiss-proof by filling in lips with liner. Then apply lipstick, blot, and add another layer of color. For more staying power, cover with a thin layer of tissue and dust translucent powder on top.

  • Get perfect edges using a lip brush. Start at the outer corners on both top and bottom and work your way into the center using one fluid motion.

  • Erase mistakes by tracing along the outside of the lip line with a small, stiff brush dipped in foundation.

  • To fake a fuller pout, add a dot of silver or gold shadow above the middle of your lips and stick to glossier textures.

  • Don’t overload on color everywhere—if you’re wearing a vibrant shade all you need is mascara, she adds.

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    1. I always moisturise my lips first and line them with a lip liner. I will have to try the rest. Great post.


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