Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Ruby Woo Lips

Ruby Woo Lips

This week I had to stop by at M.A.C. to finalize some papers and I couldn't go there bare face lol so I put this look together. I am wearing Golden Rod e/s and honestly I bought it by mistake on a trip in Vegas, I wanted to get Chrome Yellow e/s and grabbed this one by mistake and when I finally noticed it was too late. So to say the least I was a little bitter and hadn't really given this e/s a try until now.
On the lips is my FAVORITE red lipstick in the whole wide world {I still need to do a review on it} Ruby Woo by M.A.C. This time I added a little gloss on top of it. I was  a red gloss from NYC {a cheap brand}
So what do you think of this look? 

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  1. Gorgeous lipstick and fotd :D Love the new layout.. how do you make them? xx

  2. Hi Yolanda, thank you ^_^ I'm still learning but I used a template from a free layout I found and I took the pictures and some of the elements of that free layout and I am changing it and putting my own background and stuff. It's still a work in progress lol and it's also a pain in the ass since I'm learning and I made my header on Let me know if you need help with anything...we can learn together lol


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