Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Simple Natural Updo Hair Style

Simple Natural Updo Hair Style

As a natural girl styling my natural hair can quite honestly be a pain in the ass. I have extremely thick hair and it's course in some part and some what coily in others. So the best way for me to style my hair is to stretch it. And I love to stretch my hair by braiding it. So for this style my hair had been stretched with braids.

And this is such a simple way of doing my hair. All I did was leave a portion of hair out in the front and I put the rest into a pony and pinned the pony to look like a bun. I then twisted the section that was left out and voilĂ !

I also used my favorite edge control product for this hair style which is Curl Passion Fruit Control Paste. This little paste is the TRUTH!!!! If you are natural you need to have this!

This is a low manipulation style and also protective because your hair is out of the way. 

If you are natural (or not) what is your go to hairstyle?

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  1. Love it..You always look flawless!

    Edwige |

  2. Looks pretty. I normally wear wigs as my protective style but if I'm rocking my own hair buns are my go to.

    1. Kays I'm actually planning to make one for myself soon for the summer so I'm not manipulating my hair too much


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