Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: THE GODDESS BRAID ON NATURAL HAIR


goddess braid natural hair

 Much like everyone else I have been obsessed with the goddess braids. But what I really love about it is how it wraps around the head (which could also have the name of "halo braids"). This can be fairly simple to achieve if you have the braiding skills of a goddess....and I don't. So it took me a minute to get a hang of it.

I brought some hair to the front and left some in the back. I then began to braid it from the back towards the front. This is one of those things that it doesn't matter how many videos you watch, or blog posts you read, you'll just have to get to it and try it for yourself.

In the end it turns out to be an effortless hairstyle that anyone can rock at any time during the day or night. Well it's supposed to be effortless but if you're like me, it might take a little more to achieve it.

What made this goddess/halo braid style work for was that I am still wearing the half wig from my Annie Quick Weave post from last week. (if you haven't already check it out) This hair doesn't cease to amaze me!

The Annie half wig provided some length and volume in order for me to get a nice and full braid going. Plus it blends really well with my natural hair texture so it works great when leaving a little hair out to make it look more natural.

winged liner pink lipstick black women woman

Today's makeup was super simple. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills contouring pallet to both contour and as eye shadows. I'm all about duo purpose, and this pallet is great for that. It has an amazing velvety finish and the colors are neutral so you can create the perfect subtle look that I'm wearing and that can actually be worn at any occasion.

I added a flesh tone eyeliner to my waterline because it helps to open up the eyes. By adding the eyeliner you are also making the look a little more polished since the colors are so neutral. And since the eyes were so simple I had to off course add more color to the lips.

And for the lips I used Kinda Sexy and Nightingale lip pencil, both colors are from MAC.

natural makeup winged liquid liner

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  1. Love your hair and makeup look!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. The make up is flawless , I love it. Looks like it was done using the strobing technique because of it nice glow. Lovely pictures.

    1. thank you Uzo. I haven't tried that technique yet but it's on to do list lol

  3. I wish I could even braid! Your makeup is fabulous love.

    Brittany x

  4. I love everything about this, the pink lips, the winged liner, the braid... perfect!


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