Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Bold Lips Neutral Eyes: The Latest Lips Trend

Bold Lips Neutral Eyes: The Latest Lips Trend

This season I think a must would be to try at least once the bold lips trend. I think that when it comes to adding boldly beautiful colors to our lips, many girls shy away. There is nothing wrong it! I know that for myself I have always usually forgotten to put anything on my lips or just didn't want to draw any attention to them.

However I have been really trying to use many different colors. I love having a neutral makeup look and let the lips do the talking! So today I bring to you my FOTD. With a very neutral and awesome dark red lips. This color reminds me of vampires, maybe because the old school vampire movies they make them look dark and weird in a way.

Anyways, have tried tried this trend yet?

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  1. Hey, thanks for the comment.. you should definitely try it.. if they are dry, (the lipsticks) add some shea butter or cocoa butter.. x

  2. Im glad you agree.. it really is the best chocolate.. i almost finished it already.. haha.. x

  3. I love myself a dark lip too. It's a bold statment but with neutral eyes its perfect.

  4. Hi Mara, thank you so much. I totally agree that when you do your lips with a bold color we should downplay the eyes so all of the attention can be on our lips : )


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