Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: 3 Simple Steps for Amazing Fresh Spring & Summer Makeup

3 Simple Steps for Amazing Fresh Spring & Summer Makeup


Oh what a beautiful day we're having today! I love it when the sun is out and we can actually feel in on our skin. Living in MN I can't let the sun be a determinant of the weather outside. But today we're doing good lol
And on good days like this I'm a sucker for fresh looking makeup. Nothing looks better on women of color that golden shades. I love playing up my features with gold and browns. It allows me to look polished and made up but not overdone. And besides all of that it takes me no time to do my eyes when I keep it this simple.

Step 1. Use colors that will complement your skin tone. Colors that makes you look warmer. Using gold eye shadows to accent your eyes and a little brown on the crease can go a long way. Make sure to also wear a blush or bronzer that will keep this first step in sync with your look, My personal favorites are Ambering Rose and Format blushes from MAC. 

Step 2. Your skin can make or break your whole look. This season it's all about glowing skin. I don't mean oily, I'm talking about skin that can reflect the light a little bit. If you do have oily skin and needs to wear a matte foundation, you can add this glow by highlighting your cheekbones and the center of your forehead with a highlighting powder. One of my favorites is Naked Illuminated by Urban Decay. I have a post about it here.

Step 3. This is my most absolute favorite way to freshen my makeup looks, and it's by using fun lipstick colors!!! Don't be afraid to add some color to your lips. Once again having complementary colors will always be in your favor, but wear what makes you HAPPY and what makes you feel good. So that when you walk past a mirror you say to yourself, "Dang I look good today" .

I also found yet another orange lip and it was totally by accident. Now I have a TON of MAC lipsticks but I tried this one on (which is Sushi Kiss) and I must say it looked pretty good. It looks really bright on the tube, but not a bright that would look good on me, but I gave it a try and off course I fell in love with it. 

May I also add that I am absolutely loving my Anastasia Contour palette! It has made such a huge difference for my makeup. It adds a subtle amount of warmth to my face but if I want to go all Kim K with it I can (but I don't plan on it lol)

I'm loving this look for a walk around town on a sunny day :)


♥ MAC Paintpot Painterly 
♥ MAC X15 Warm Eye Shadow Palette 


♥ MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation
♥ MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring & Highlighting Palette 


♥ MAC Sushi Kiss lipstick


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