Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Quick Protective Style With Marley Braiding Hair

Quick Protective Style With Marley Braiding Hair

Let's be honest. Taking care of our natural hair sometimes is no walk in the part. For me it can be very frustrating a lot of times. My hair is super thick, it shrinks like crazy and the kinky texture can be hard to manage if I don't set my hair the night before (no wash and go for me). With all of that being said I still love being natural. So I'm always searching for quick and easy ways to style my natural tresses. 

Today I'm rocking a natural hair style using Marley hair! I'm so in love with this braiding hair. The texture is very similar to my hair when I have a braid out, so that allows me to blend my hair with the braiding hair in whatever way I'd like to. 

So while looking on Pinterest, I've found many hairstyles that used Marley hair, and I fell in love with all of them. This one is super duper quick. All I did was add a few pieces of the braiding hair with my side braids. This gave me a lot more length and it made my boring side braids a lot more fun. I also added a hat to complement the look and hide some of the frizzy hairs I had going on.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but my hair got a lot of heat damage from wearing weaves for a little while, and with the humidity in MN, I had to straighten my hair a lot more often that I would have liked. And with with sew ins come really tight braids which also aided in the process of some of my hair breaking. Now I'm on a kick to get my hair BACK! It was longer and healthier (the back of my head is just fine) But the very front needs a lot of TLC. It's not horrible, it just looks like bangs but I have a vision for my natural hair and I'm working to get back on track!

I love this style. I kept my hair nicely tucked away and it was super quick. I did this in ten minutes. No heat required and I get to moisturize my hair while at it, with a lot of ease.


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  1. I think it looks really cute on you and I really like the hat. I am so awful, I never do anything with my hair. I pull it back in a headband and go. I guess that's what happens when you are a hermit :D

  2. I so want long hair again so I can where braids!


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