Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Box Braids as a protective Style

Box Braids as a protective Style

box braids as a protective style

I did it! I couldn't take dealing with my hair anymore. Now don't get me wrong, I love my natural hair. I love the texture and all of the fun things that I get to do with it. But sometimes dealing with natural hair is a lot of freaking work. Box braids were the best option for me right now.

Lately I just end up doing two side braids and call it a day. My natural was really doing great, but then I started to wear sew ins. Now let me back track and say that one of the reasons I went natural was because I didn't take great care of my hair when I permed and straightened my hair. Forward back to last year, I began to fall in love with weaving weaves again! However I was not taking ANY care of my leave out, and as you can guess it broke off. Yikes!

I was lucky enough that my hair grows fairly quickly and it's not noticeable. So I had to do a long term protective style to help me get back on track! I've gotten box braids before and I absolutely love them. I'm gonna try to keep this on for a while longer that I usually do. I won't have to do much to my hair, except keep it moisturized so it can stay nice and healthy.

There are so many cute hairstyles for box braids that I just can't wait to try!!!!

box braids as a protective style


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  1. i like the braids on you now, i'm currently looking to have a protective style done too but can;t seem to find good hands. Nice post.

    by the way if you would like to folow each other's blog on GFC my link is above , i always follow back. Thanks.

    1. thank you Uzo. It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted a well. I found a good shop to go to thankfully. I'll definitely check out your blog :)

  2. Love it! You look Faaabulous! I can't decide if I should let my short hair grow and try protective styles. All know is I'm loving my bald head for now :)

    Edwige |

    1. Edwige you hair look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I can see how you would have a good time because you look great in both!

  3. I love having braids !
    Especially the different colors the hair comes in, I want to try grey next :)

    1. Tiara I'm already planning for my color the next time :)


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