Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: February 2015

Spring Makeup Using MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Quad

I can feel spring is around the corner. At least I'm hoping it is. Living in Minnesota means you just can't count on the weather, especially if you're hoping for it to be warmer! But with the spring spirit in mind I did another soft look. I know I'm not the only one that enjoys softer looks and just wearing less makeup in general in the spring and summer time. Even though I will go back and forth between smokey and natural/neutral this is probably a go to style for this time of the year. 

A look like this is also what I would consider a "day time" makeup look. Simple and clean but well executed and put together. Picking colors that accents yours skin tone and won't wash you out will be essential. 

I kept this super simple. Used one palette, liquid liner and mascara on the eyes. But here is a list of the products I used:


♥ MAC Utterly Becoming Paintpot
♥ MAC Mineralize Quad in A Medley of Mauves
♥ E.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner in Midnight 
♥ MAC In Extreme Dimension mascara


♥ MAC Myself (from A Novel Romance)


♥ MAC Blush Osbourne Collection Peaches & Cream


                                                            Let's stay in touch!


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DIY Lipstick Palette

I have been waiting to do this for a very long time! I can't even tell you how long ago it was that I bought this palette. But what matters is that I'm getting around to it. I have a TON of lipsticks! I mean a lot of them and I rarely get to wear most of them. And the reason is because I forget what I have to be honest. So I'll usually stick to the ones I know by heart!

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Nightingale Lip liner with green eyes

I wanted to do something a little more fun! So I went with different shades of green for my eyes. I feel like it's so easy to get in the habit of only using browns and neutral colors. But I'm a makeup artist for God's sake, I hate looking "natural" all the time. Makeup allows me to have fun and that's always the goal when I'm doing my makeup.

Instead of doing an actual lipstick, today I decided to only wear my newest addition to my lip pencils, MAC's Nightingale, which came out with the Pencilled In collection (however this is a permanent color). I'm really loving this pencil. It would go perfect with Rebel if you own that color.

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Floral Jamberry Nail Wrap 7 Day Challenge

I recently shared with you my first experience with Jamberry nail wraps, on my Valentine's Day nail post here. But before my very first Jamberry purchase I was scoping the web for some more information on the product and I ran across Jen's blog Simple Nails and Beauty, where she runs her independent Jamberry business. She offered two trial wraps as accent nails to compare on the durability against regular nail polish.

This is one of the wraps and it's super cute! I pared it with a peachy nail polish from MAC, and added some top coat to try and make it last longer. It's a little bit springy and it puts me in a good mood!
Another point I want to make is that while I was wearing my Jamberry wraps my nails did not break or flake (my nails are horrible), but as soon as I took the wraps off they went back to their normal, breakable selves. So the wraps were keeping them together and helping them get longer which is a huge plus for me.

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MAC Cinderella Collection

OMG!!!!!! I'm sure you've heard about it but I wanted to share it anyways. MAC is coming out with a Cinderella collection. I've been super excited since I heard about the collection! The whole collection is awesome. From the pretty packaging to the products itself. I love it all. The pigments are super beautiful and so are the eye gloss (which would work perfectly for the glossy eyes and skin trend seen on my last post). 

The peachy beauty powder would make for an awesome highlight for brown girls like myself. The lipstick however will need some working with, (I got Royal Ball, which looked peachy but I was deceived lol)  it's way too light for women of color if worn on its own. So I'll need to add a lip liner to see if I can wear this guy.  

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Favorite Makeup Trends for 2015


In my opinion you really can't go wrong with winged eye liner. You can wear with shadows or on it's own. Paring winged liner with a bold lip can sure make a statement. This season the winged liner is the star of the show. Let it be the focus point of your whole makeup look, and wear it with more natural lips.


This has to be one of my favorite looks and to be quite honest my go to! Don't we all want to look fabulous without looking like we put too much effort into it?! This season is all about keeping it simple while looking polished. You can see my version of this trend here.


Bold lashes are IN!!! And I'm loving it. It's all about the lashes this season. And if you noticed they may even have that clumpy look so many people dread (but that I secretly love). This can be created with just mascara or add lashes to get some fullness.


Another super popular trend this season, is the glossy eye and skin. I don't know how I feel about this one yet. But having a little gloss to the cheek bones seems work as a highlight. Using gloss or cream products would be the perfect way to achieve this look.


   Let's stay in touch!

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Rihanna Gammys 2015: Mastering the no-makeup Makeup Look

This year in makeup one of the trends is to wear minimal makeup or to just look super natural while wearing it. Last night's Grammys proved this to be right, with Rihanna and Beyonce wearing very beautiful and natural makeup looks. Though both of them looked very beautiful Rihanna was my favorite, because even though she opted for a more muted and natural look she still looks like she has a little bit of makeup on while Beyonce (in my opinion) looked a lot more natural with hers. 
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MAC Toledo: Barbecue Lipstick

MAC has launched yet another awesome collection this past weekend, featuring the Toledo couple. I'm sure you heard of the collection. But I wanted to share with you one of my favorite lipsticks from the whole collection. Barbecue. Yes you read it right. Not only is this an awesome color but the name is also super fun! The pictures are seriously not doing this lipstick enough justice! It's much brighter in person.
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The Secret to Flawless Foundation

A flawless foundation application can take our faces to a whole new level! It's important to have the color match your skin tone and though this seems like a common sense step, there are people who knowingly choose a color that is either too light or too dark for them. And besides finding the right color foundation you also want it to look nice and smooth. And that's where The Porefessional comes in. 
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Box Braids as a protective Style

box braids as a protective style

I did it! I couldn't take dealing with my hair anymore. Now don't get me wrong, I love my natural hair. I love the texture and all of the fun things that I get to do with it. But sometimes dealing with natural hair is a lot of freaking work. Box braids were the best option for me right now.

Lately I just end up doing two side braids and call it a day. My natural was really doing great, but then I started to wear sew ins. Now let me back track and say that one of the reasons I went natural was because I didn't take great care of my hair when I permed and straightened my hair. Forward back to last year, I began to fall in love with weaving weaves again! However I was not taking ANY care of my leave out, and as you can guess it broke off. Yikes!

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Valentine's Day Makeup Look #1: Keeping it Simple

'Tis the season for love! Yes Valentine's Days is only in a couple of weeks. So to start off this fun month I'm going to bring a couple of looks as inspiration for the big day. I know many ladies are already planning what they are going to wear, from their hair styles to their makeup.

This is the first look. I'm keeping it very simple. The focus is on the lips, leaving the eyes super subtle. I actually didn't even apply any eye shadow. And do make the look more fun I did a simple cat eye with liquid eye liner and added some lashes.

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Hello I'm Giselle. I love makeup and everything related to beauty.
I currently live in Minnesota and I am here to share a few of my favorite things with you!



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