Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: Styling Natural Hair with Kiehl's Stylist Series: Strong Hold Gel

Styling Natural Hair with Kiehl's Stylist Series: Strong Hold Gel

 I'm super excited to share this product with you. I have recently become a Kiehl's lover. To me Kiehl's was more of a skincare brand. I never thought I would be able to find a hair product that would work for my natural hair, much less a hair product that I would fall in love with. Well I was wrong!

I got a small sample of this gel and just had to go back to buy one! It retails for $16, which is pretty pricey for freaking hair gel but it WORKS! For the most part I have not yet found a product that would give me good hold and definition for when I do twist outs or other styles. This gel just does that for me.

Never have I ever experienced this much definition before. I used perm rods on a flat twist out and I was extremely happy with my results!

I also used it for my side braid style that I had on this post here. So far I'm really happy with this gel. The only downfall is that I seem to need to moisturize or add some type of oil to my hair after using it because it looks a little dry. Which is probably my fault because the times I've used it, I added no other product, and I should probably pair it with an oil for some moisture.

   what is your favorite product to add definition to your styles?

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