Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: The Best MAC nude lipsticks

The Best MAC nude lipsticks

Hello lovelies, so to kick off the new year on today's post I'll be sharing my all time favorite MAC nude lipsticks.  I know there are tons of options out there when it comes to nude lipsticks but these are the ones that work best for me. I'm able to wear these lipsticks with or without lip liner and that's mainly because the pigmentation of my lips is a little darker. However a lip liner doesn't hurt either.

By wearing a lip liner you expand the wear of the lipstick and you are also able to change the color a little bit to make it work for you! MAC some amazing lip liners to go with their many lipsticks.

So from left to right I have enchanted one (from the Alluring Aquatic collection), Naked Bud (from the fantasy of flowers collection), Kinda Sexy and Honey Love. Of these four I would say naked bud and honey love are my favorite. I love Naked Bud because it has a lustre finish, meaning it's sheer and moisturizing to the lips. So when I wear it I don't have to do much. It's one of those lipsticks you can just put it on and go and it really goes any any look I might create. 

Here is a swatch of the lipsticks. The thing with nude lipsticks is that you really have to try them on to see which one works for you. These have a warm undertone, so they work really well with my skin tone.

If I'm in the mood to wear a lip liner with any of these nude lipsticks, I always opt to wear Chestnut with it. This is one of my favorite lip liners from MAC. And it works well with a lot of other colors as well. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let me know if you've tried these and or if you have some suggestions of other lipsticks that I should try ♥

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  1. i want everything hahaha. Kiss

    1. oi linda. O seu blog e fenomenal!!!! muito obrigada por passar pelo meu . Beijos

  2. I need to check out some of these, I have Honey Love but I haven't worn it in years. Blankety has been giving me ALL the nude life these days. I use it with a Chesnut liner as your mentioned. I need to try it without a liner, I never thought to do so. #blmgirl

    1. Hi Mimi I also love Blankety! Chestnut will literally work with any lipstick in my opinion. Thanks for stopping by fellow #blmgirl


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