Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams: January 2015

Glitter and Sparkles with Shades of Green

I decided to have some fun with my makeup!!!! It has been kind of boring lately. So as I was doing my morning blog read, I came across Kayla's blog Sheer Beauty and she had an amazing green glittery look that I just had to try. Sometimes I get in a rut when it comes to my makeup and there's no better way to change things up than to use my fellow bloggers as inspiration!

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Styling Natural Hair with Kiehl's Stylist Series: Strong Hold Gel

 I'm super excited to share this product with you. I have recently become a Kiehl's lover. To me Kiehl's was more of a skincare brand. I never thought I would be able to find a hair product that would work for my natural hair, much less a hair product that I would fall in love with. Well I was wrong!

I got a small sample of this gel and just had to go back to buy one! It retails for $16, which is pretty pricey for freaking hair gel but it WORKS! For the most part I have not yet found a product that would give me good hold and definition for when I do twist outs or other styles. This gel just does that for me.

Never have I ever experienced this much definition before. I used perm rods on a flat twist out and I was extremely happy with my results!

I also used it for my side braid style that I had on this post here. So far I'm really happy with this gel. The only downfall is that I seem to need to moisturize or add some type of oil to my hair after using it because it looks a little dry. Which is probably my fault because the times I've used it, I added no other product, and I should probably pair it with an oil for some moisture.

   what is your favorite product to add definition to your styles?

                                                                      Let's stay in touch!

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Soft Sultry Makeup Look With Kat Von D's Vampira

I finally got my hands on Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in Vampira. I fell in love with this lipstick the fist time I saw it!!! And I finally got my hands on one after having to order it online. This is a liquid mate lipstick, in a deep burgundy shade. This lipstick is perfect for everything. When I think of lipstick shades such as this one, it makes me want to do a little bit more with my eyes.

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Fresh Makeup Using Soft Colors

I tried to make the most of the sunlight before heading to work but the sun wasn't shining too bright. However this new lens I got for xmas from my brother is freaking amazing. I'm still working with it to find the best ways to use. I got a tripod today so I'll be experimenting some more to bring some awesome pictures to the blog ^_^

 Lately I've been trying really hard to do things to my hair. So I guess my favorite part of this post would be my hair. I braided it on the side and left the other side loose. I used a gel from Kiehl's that I'm SUPER excited to share (I'll have a different post for it). I've never had this much definition before. This gel is the TRUTH!!! So stay tuned for a post on it.

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Lipstick Organization


If you are a lipstick fanatic like me, you probably have had issues figuring out how to store all of your beloved lipsticks. I have a bunch of lipstick and the ones pictured above are just a little part of my collection. When I was looking for an awesome way to store my lipstick I took it to Marshall's to find the perfect "thing" to store them in.

I love going to Marshall's because I can always find random things with multi-purpose. However this time they had a whole makeup organization section and I found this lipstick tower. It stores 36 lipsticks! Which is crazy to think that I couldn't fit all of my lipsticks on it (the rest are in another container and a drawer).

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Beauty Wishlist

1. Urban Decay: Electric Palette: It has been a VERY long time since I've purchased an eyeshadow. Since working at MAC I have gotten so many eyeshadows as gratis that I just haven't really felt the need or the want to spend money on any. So to break this long time hiatus, I purchased a couple of Urban Decay eyeshadows and I really love them. The Electric Palette is right up my alley. I used to do a lot more colorful looks and have so much fun with my makeup. Lately I've been in the slumps and I want to change that. And what better way than to bring some bright new colors into my collection?! This is will be perfect!

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Stargazer

Sunday the sun was shining and the weather was absolutely beautiful here in Minnesota. It made me feel like Mr. Summer will be here soon. Well that dream was short lived because the sun is now gone and it's starting to get cold again! UGH! But when the sun is shining so beautifully I get inspired and this is what I came up with.

I used Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Stargazer. It's one of the two Urban Decay eyeshadows I picked up from Impulse at Macy's. This is such a pretty color and my camera did absolutely NO justice. Stargazer is very sparkly and goes on smoothly.

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar Technopagan

obsessive compulsive cosmetics occ liptar technopagan

OK can I share my newest lip obsession with you? It's OCC's Lip Tar in Technopagan. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! The pigment is absolutely amazing and the color is out of this world beautiful. The only thing I had to do was apply this beauty on. By nature lip tars are very pigmented and go on very smooth while depositing a ton of color to your lips. However the first lip tar I purchased did not win my heart and that was a very long time ago. I didn't like the way it felt on my lips and I also didn't really like the color very much. But Technopagan has restore my faith in OCC lip tars again!

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Hello there, just wanted to come share what my nails will be looking like this week (or the next couple of days probably). I'm not a nail person. I don't always have it painted and to be quite honest my nail polish tends to chip and I'll leave it be. Oh well.

So to try and change this bad nail habit, I'm gonna try to do more with them. I got some nail stickers from Walgreens and I gave them a try today. It's a super fun design, with a cartoon or pop art feel to it.

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Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus viva glam lipstick and gloss
The wait is over!!!! MAC is finally launching the new viva glam for 2015. And the spokesperson is non other than miss Miley Cyrus! Now I have to admit while I love Rihanna and all of the products that she collaborated with MAC but I was tired of seeing her face everywhere at MAC counters. 
I'm pretty excited about this colab. The color is super pretty and vibrant and moisturizing as well. I'm kind of tired of the bright lipsticks having to be matte these days. 
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The Perfect Brows Using Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Brow pomade is the best eyebrow product to have been invented on this earth!!!!!!!! I have tried a few other products ranging from brow pencils to other creams/pomades and nothing compares. This gives me the perfect brows every single time. I have the choice of creating subtle brows or more bold brows. The choice is in my hands. By using an angled brush I have a lot of control over the thickness of my brows.
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MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Review

mac cosmetics mineralize vulcanic ash exfoliator

MAC is definitely not known as a skin care brand, but they offer an array of skin care products that are actually pretty awesome. And the Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is by far one of my favorites. So what can I say about this product?! Well, I freaking LOVE IT! I think that in terms of skin care products, exfoliators have always been my favorite! This one in particular has been my #1 skin exfoliator for a very long time!

I think it's no secret that in order to achieve flawless makeup, your skin needs to be in shape. Makeup is not magic. It's meant to enhance your beauty and not change you completely. So skin care is an imperative step for all makeup lovers out there.
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Ipsy December Bag

ipsy december bag 2014

Well so this post is just a lit bad! But I thought I'd share my December Ipsy bag with you guys anyways. With the exemption of the hair product I was pleasantly surprised with the products for the month. For those of you who are not familiar with this program, Ipsy is a monthly subscription for beauty products, where you pay $10 (in the US) and receive a bag full of goodies for the month. The makeup bags change every month, so your collection is going to grow f.i.y.

Sometimes you get sample sizes and sometimes (like this month for instance) you get some full sized products. It's only ten bucks so I figured I would give it a try. I have been subscribed for three months and I would say this was probably the best month so far. 
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Review: Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Highlighter + tips on how to wear it

It's review time!!!! And today I'm bringing you Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated. I had my eyes on this highlighter for quite some time and decided to finally get one. I love how pigmented and sparkly it is. This is the Aura Naked Illuminated. It is described as a smooth, silky powder that can be applied anywhere on the body where you wish to add a "naked" glow.

Though I love the color and the pigmentation, I'm still not 100% sold on this as the perfect highlighter. My first reason is that when I apply the product it comes off very powdery and it does not adhere to the skin very well. Compared to my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish highlighters it does not give me a glow but instead a more shimmery/glittery look.

Not to say this product is not beautiful, I just have to do a little more work in order to achieve my desired look. According to the Urban Decay website the Naked Illuminated highlighter is baked to provide the color payoff of a loose powder, so I guess it makes sense as to why it comes off so powdery when applied with a brush. So here are some tips that have worked for me:

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How to Achieve Soft Smokey Eyes with Pink Lips

pink nouveau lipstick soft smokey eyes

I haven't worn this lipstick in a very long. It used to be one of my all time favorite colors. I have a couple of other posts you can check out with me wearing it here and here. I love this lipstick because I can use it when I have bolder eyes or something softer. Either way it always looks great. And even though it seems like such a bright color on the stick, it actually works out very well for my skin tone.
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Top 6 Natural Hair Styles to try in 2015

As a natural hair girl who finds it hard to tame her hair sometimes, I tend to take it to pinterest to find inspiration. I also tend to stick with the usual braid out or a twist out, but that can get really boring. So I have a natural hairstyle board on pinterest that I turn to often. So I decided to take six of my favorite pins and I'll try to recreate them on myself this year to break this natural hair boredom!
I absolutely love this style!!!! I tried to do the crochet braiding thing and it did not turn out as expected. It was actually a hot mess. One side was cut though lol But I've been seen so many awesome hairstyles lately using this method that I think I might give it another try. 

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The Best MAC nude lipsticks

Hello lovelies, so to kick off the new year on today's post I'll be sharing my all time favorite MAC nude lipsticks.  I know there are tons of options out there when it comes to nude lipsticks but these are the ones that work best for me. I'm able to wear these lipsticks with or without lip liner and that's mainly because the pigmentation of my lips is a little darker. However a lip liner doesn't hurt either.

By wearing a lip liner you expand the wear of the lipstick and you are also able to change the color a little bit to make it work for you! MAC some amazing lip liners to go with their many lipsticks.

So from left to right I have enchanted one (from the Alluring Aquatic collection), Naked Bud (from the fantasy of flowers collection), Kinda Sexy and Honey Love. Of these four I would say naked bud and honey love are my favorite. I love Naked Bud because it has a lustre finish, meaning it's sheer and moisturizing to the lips. So when I wear it I don't have to do much. It's one of those lipsticks you can just put it on and go and it really goes any any look I might create. 

Here is a swatch of the lipsticks. The thing with nude lipsticks is that you really have to try them on to see which one works for you. These have a warm undertone, so they work really well with my skin tone.

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